​What is a Renegade? ​​​​​

According to Websters Dictionary:

- A person who leaves a group, religion etc. and joins another group which is contrary.

- Somebody or something ​that ​causes trouble ​and cannot be controlled.

- A​ deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance (also obedience) to another​.

- An individual who refuses to go along with legal, lawful or conventional behaviour.

​What is a Healer & How does Healing work?

A healer is in the vernacular somebody which cures others.

My own definition looks different and this has several reasons, one is because of juridical definition and the other of the nature of mindcontrol.

I do not think personally that ​anybody really heals, but rather that healing automatically happens if the right conditions exist.

​A healer can provide only for the fact that the right conditions exist. Then healing automatically happens.

Consciousness Differs

​Law, Mind & Control

From juridical view there are in our (german) society only two castes which may treat and diagnose illnesses:

The doctor and the alternative practinioner.

This has its reason and is of no further importance for me, because I dont treat or diagnose illnesses, but rather want to promote health and well-being. So I follow a complete different approach.

Mindcontrol means that we were all subjected to one form of "brainwashing" (education, media etc.) and follow these misinformations and false beliefs very dutifully (mostly unconsciously).

In the eyes of most people the doctor is the God in white. But it is not much different with alternative practinioners.

Not to mention all the "healers" who ​more and more flood the market...

In the worldly sphere we are taken the piss ​by ​the official "health service" and then are drawn off into the esoteric ​realm on our quest for truth and answers. But there we are also often being deceived on the base of good devoutness...

​There simply is no area in human society which is not filled or heavily affected by corruption. ​NO area...

But nonetheless the active mechanism of "healing" or better "self-healing" is embodied in everyones "blueprint" by the creator himself.​ And no deception whatsoever will ever change that.

A good "healer",  no matter from which "caste", will provide at best circumstances that will "acivate" that inherent "program" in us. But for that to happen many obstacles must be gotten out of the way.

And most of them (if not all) are connected to consciousness.

And consciousness is the field that im involved the most.

​How did the Renegade-Healer came into being?

My work may be looked at as a kind of "healing-work", but in my eyes only to a restricted aspect.

If you know me and look closer to the definition of a "renegade", you will better understand, why I call myself "Renegade-Healer". My ​concepts are often unorthodox and to protect, apply and examine them, I ​had to create a space which allows me to do that.

I never liked it if people call me a "healer", although I have decided to follow the path of the healer. But this decision originated from my tender wish to be able to help ANY person - no matter what the subject is. And some of this has been taken over by the "healer" in the past.

And in the regard to how much the people have nowadays given up their own responsibilitys, especially when it comes to health, I was not able to take a "title" which is equated in the minds of the people with competence.

This is one of the reasons why I have decided ​not to be an ​alternative practinioner. Even though I ​studied ​at an ​​official school for 3 years - but that is another story...

There are people who have a natural "gift to heal". I cannot say this about myself, even if a well known and respected "psychic" in my area assured me in the past more than once that I have these abilities.

Perhaps they were just things I wanted to hear...​

Nevertheless, I had to work hard to develop my current abilities through intensive study and a lot of practise tests.

​Can you become what you believe?

I truly believe that it is possible, but the foundation is based on principles, that we should understand.

​That's another reason why I call myself Renegade-Healer, because I have broken through at least the social basic conditions, but also my own limitationen ​through my wishes and my faith.

My gift is a strong mind and the stubbornness to keep at things if I want them.

And I wanted to be a person​ that could help other people extensively.

Thus I have intensely dealt with the ​healing arts and have studied various systems (like the alternative practitioner) ​just to be able to help other people in the best way possible.

So one may call me a healer but what most healers are doing was not enough for me, without sliding their efforts and skills or saying I am better.

I just wanted to be more than ​a "healer", ​because of the restrictions which walk along with it.

However, these restrictions are nothing else than restrictions of our consciousness.


At last I have understood that my job or my field of application ​conscious awareness.

Because all the answers to our questions and difficulties in life are connected to consciousness.

​Through my study and my experience I became aware that nowadays many people are so manipulated that they not only are willingly give up their responsibilties but that our society almost expect this to be so.

You know: That´s just the way it is. - You must howl with the wolves. - One cannot change this. - 

And all this crap (sorry). For me this just felt like a big fucking deceptive scam (sorry ²).

And this ​also had a positive side because:

​A conflict points out to the fact that something is not right AND that one can change it

In my case it was the fact that our system and our ideas are already so corrupted that "classical" approaches simply did not lead to the results which I desired.

Remember? A Renegade is an individual who refuses to go along with legal, lawful or conventional behaviour.​..

Thats what I did - at least when it comes to "classical thinking" how things should be. Not because I found it great, but because the norm was already so corrupted.

And I do not want to accuse anybody, thats just simply how it was for me.

​The Illusion of ​Qualifications

We live in a time when ou may sweep a street if you are certificated for it.

If you are not it, you get either less money or maybe you may not sweep at all.

​And if you have no certificate you may work for less money under the supervision of someone with a certificate ​who is in realtity less competent ore more stupid than you...

Does this sound anyhow familiar? And believe me, in germany, we are very anxious to follow the "rules".

But ​must we not have certifications and certificates to protect quality!?

Well, in theory it sounds good but in reality we have a practice that is more about the quantity of money then the quality of work. And everbody knows that.

But we cannot change that!

Yeah, sure. I simply cannot hear this shit any more, because I believe we have just surrendered to the lies and corruption and know we want to justify the circumstances.

And if this cannot be changed, then it must be the norm and I must be - the renegade...

​Cause and Effect

A lie and deception will never become truth, no matter how much we will justify it.

And yes, we have been deceived by our leaders and the system but I also believe that our leaders and the system represent us - like a reflektion of our true "believes". Or better, they are a representation of our collective consciousness.

Sometimes when I work with people I tell them: Look in the mirror and it will tell you what you truly believe.

And there lies the real power, not in politics and all this garbage. It´s a placebo. And a bad one too...

The real power comes out of ourselves in form of our believes. And that we shpuld protected and purify.

And yes again, ​this fact was hidden from us - with good reason...

If you have been selled the best fruits on the market and they stink and taste like shit you can say:

Thats just the way it is. The best fruits just taste that way!

Or you can use the upper part of your central nervous system and get it: You have just been duped, fopped, deceived!

But if we ​are so mindcontrolled, that ​we ​don´t even believe cause and effect anymore, who is to blame?

Bruce Lee has put it quite simple: I you are willing to make yourself the donkey, somebody will always be found who is ready to ride on you...

​Who examine the Examiners?

Should we have then no more quality assurances?

Of course we need directives, but those which give them, must stand firm to a check. And NOT by themselves!

And this has turned into a one way street...

We experience every day the corruption around ourselves and all the excuses, why they are noneexsitent.

And if they are there, only "qualified" persons can check them.

​And of course it will be done - first thing tomorrow.

One way street...

However, a system that opposes ​healing will have to die sooner or later.

If our body would opposed healing, we would not be able to survive one day.

This is called selfhealing or self-regulation.

A system created by people can hinder this a certain time consciously, but not detain it.

Either death or healing.

And in view of our system I am just a natural part of the self-regulation.

​The Price ​for being a Renegade

It took me sometime to get it.

And if I forget it, I suffer, because I cannot follow the path of the cummon insanity ​in our world.

​It is not my job to be like the mass.

And not because I am better than everybody - no, far from it.

It is because I am different and I ​immediately feel it, if I differ from the path...

And, yes, it means that I move beyond the norm and have paid for it no low price.

Social exclusion is a normal reaction in our society on a person who is different. I am smart enough to get it and to "blend" in, but it is not always easy...

​How can you make sure I am competent enough?

Only because I am the Rengade-Healer, it does not mean  I don´t pursue quality assurance.

What I have learnt and achieved in the last 20 years I am willing to prove any time, but I am not so stupid to prove my soccer skills in a simulated handball match because then I am out immediately...

Under these circumstances alternative remedial attempts and theories are often torn to pieces. This approach is applied everywhere where no result is welcome, whether ​in science or every single day ​at the job.

I am very critical about myself and to ensure any client of my dedication, I have develeoped my terms of business, that will make it easy for you to find out if im a fraud.

​So how ​to find out Competence?

Well, in such a way as one has always made it:

Can you really sweep the street? Yes? ​Well - show me then!

​If the person in question does not sweep or the result is nothing ​good - what ​else do you need more?

​It is very easy to separate the wheat from the chaff, this is why there are​ so many regulations and deviances, so that you don´t ​detect ​immediately all the scams and deceptions.

​Because as soon as the first sunrays fall in the coffin, the vampire disintegrates to dust...

Jesus ​called it whitewashed graves. From the outside shining with flying colours, inside full of mustiness and decay.

And what is decay?

The natural reaction to the fact that something is not capable of surviving any more and must now be recycled.

And the crazy thing about it is the fact, that so many people confirm to this masquerade in hope, somebody recognises them for what tey really are...

But how should this happen if we always playing deviance while listening to songs, that tell us, we are loved?

​An academic title = Competence?

In our society an academic title suggest competence.

What a hogwash. And everybody knows this!

For example I regularly ask people whether they think that the politicians tell them the truth.

And ALL say: No!

Then do I ask: ​Why do ​you vote on election campaigns?

​Either silence follows or the excuse: Nevertheless, one must do something!

And with it I do not want to say, people should not vote (although I strongly suspect the whole thing is nothing more than a placebo), but they should put the question to themselves why they do something from which one believes, one is cheated anyway.

Since this generates a conflict in the consciousness (​deliberately) and permits an easy control on the basis of ​resignation by many years' experience in the "reality".

​It is as if one steps over and over again in shards and accepts that one cuts open their feet feet instead of taking a broom and sweeping them away.

​Funny enough all people understand ​this example, but the reallocation on their own being & consciousness appears most furthermore as inaccessibly.

​Not so hard to understand, is it?

​My Qualification, Educations & Certificates that show ​I am a hell of a Guy?

If you have read up to here, you should have understood that I don´t care much about all of this.

And again if you have studied my terms and conditions once closer, it should ​also be clear to you that I probably would not make the whole ​effort here if I was not persuaded that I can deliver results to you.

Except, I am insane in the mebrane. And to quote Data: It is a possibility...

In view of "worldly" competence I would like to cite a scene from a ​movie:

In the film "The Karate Kid" young Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi to train him, after Miyagi saved him from a dangerous situation through his karate skills (he was getting beaten up from friendly bullies from the neighborhood):

Daniel: ​What kind of belt do you have?

​Miyagi: ​Canvas. You like?? Y.C. Penney. 3.98. Haha!

Daniel: ​No, I meant...

Mr. Miyagi: In okinawa ​a belt means no need rope hold up pants. Haha!

So if you are impressed by the belt I may wear and you think that tells you anything about my true competence and abilities, I am sorry in disappointing you. But by this time, you should got a glimpse of my "qualifications"...

​At last: What does the Renegade-Healer ​stand for?

Consciously (being) different. - Consciously different.

Consciousness differently. To be different consciously. To have other consciousness.

For change of the consciousness, because every change begins in the consciousness.

For the change which one can undergo and also has to go.

Indeed, not by ways of the "norm", because these have ​got too stuck.

​When will the Job of the Renegade-Healers ​be fulfilled?

When the norm has become the Renegade...

Work in Progress...