​Health and Well-Being for Man & Environment


More than a name.

A philosophy, a principle, a concept.

"​Today I am not the one who I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be different again."

Who we once were limited to us so much that we generally never become what we could be. I leave this limitationen behind.

This is why the drawer in which one would like to put me either must hook up or have become outdated regularly, sorry.

But by this philosophy I protect my space for steady change and am not subjected to the restrictions and definitions, from that whom I was once.

In addition, the philosophy of UsedToBeSomebody is tied together with three basic fundament:

​Freedom, Truth & Evolution

I know that it is probably more easy for some people if one can classify somebody. 

However, do not waste your time to do it with me.

I was never good to play according to the "rules" of the society because I always had the feeling, they limit us - and this consciously.

​​I have paid not a low price for it, because one can underestimate how strongly we are all programmed...

However, my job is not to be like all the others, but different.

By UsedToBeSoemebody I have the "clearance" to be who I really am.

However, to better understand what I ​do and how you can "classify" me, you find on ​my website three different "concepts" which are connected with each other.

These "concepts" are to be recognised in the graphic on the side quite simply in their "hierarchy".

The first is UsedTobesomebody as a basis which develops on and on and thereby holds the next levels also in a steady change.

The second concept is the Renegade-Healer, who brings W-Energetik into application.

Therefore W-Energetik is the third concept as the name of my personal work.

​These things are dynamic and interoperate steadily. I have made them "visible", so that people can better understand themselves, because every person is multidimensional.

But also I have created these basic conditions, so that I can develop steadily.

That's why I invite everybody to do it the same as me.

I will support you with pleasure, either through the direct work with me or through one of the other ways which you can see further below.

​​"​Who I former was, is now someone else, this is why I leave the ​limitations of the past behind myself and invite you to do it the same way."

As a Healing-Artist all my ​fields of activity are centered around

Health ​& Well-Being:

The Blog & the library

​Article of me, from the viewpoint of different profiles.

​Different areas & subjects, but everything oriented on change and rise of the human potential.

Coaching & Counseling

​Profit from my extensive specialist knowledge in the personal consultation on the subject of:

Health, well-being and effectiveness in everyday life. 20 years of experience ​im area of Health & consciousness.


​Objects of art & energy tools, from own research, development and manufacturing.

​Raise your energy and bring remedial impulses in your environment, e.g., at electric smog strains.


​As long as I can think back, I was always rather the Renegade, than the "normal guy". Today just in the area of Health this is more important than ever.

​​​​Find out, why I see it so and also, why it can be very important.

"​Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Be a voice not an echo."

“Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it's not fine it's not the end.”

Oscar Wilde