​What is W-Energetik and what is the meaning of the name?

W-Energetik is the name of my personal work.

It is not just energy work, even if one could call it so.

Energy work as a concept is loaded either negatively because it is cummonly held for humbug or was torn to pieces in the press and the media negatively.

Also it is such a wide concept which so many people currently use without having even the breath of a competence concerning this.

Energetics means the specific application of life energy for me.

Moreover in my eyes a high degree of knowledge and experience is necessary to apply it effectively.

And after constructing energetic objects myself, which apply life energy to a subject or the enviroment, I consider myself a little bit competent in this field.

W stands for truth and well-being.

As seen on my homepage, W-Energetik ist the name of my personal work, that I apply as the Renegade-Healer and is rooted in the philosophy of UsedToBeSomebody.

The symbol that I have constructed for my work contains 2 birds, a pyramid & a sword.

The pyramid stands for consciousness in a healthy and stable form.

The sword stands for the need to separate things and also to fight for them.

The birds symbolise the change from darkness to the light and at the same time the divine grace which allows this always.

Moreover, the sword can be understood as a cross that everybody must bear to become free.

In addition, a cross is also seen as a symbol for Christ and shows my affiliation to him.

Dogma has no place in W-Energetik, because the basic concepts will question this over and over again.