Terms and Conditions & Cancellation

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. -Matthew 7:12

​My Terms and Conditions and cancellation instruction should occur on the basis of Christ's techings. Several pages long Terms and Conditions` surely serve  indeed a thing and a law, but hardly that what Christ spoke of.

I have no desire and to be cheated and flim-fammed and think that nobody really likes this either.

This is why I try to hold my legal instructions so briefly, clearly and entertaining as possible to correspond to the legal frame, but before all things to serve the consumer - honestly and fairly.

Currency & Payment:

All prices are gross prices ​ and are valid in euro.

Prices for coaching & consulting & some backgrounds

What costs nothing, is also worth nothing. - Einstein

The Sherwood Clause

The price ranges for my personal consultation, counseling & coaching orientate themselves by the Sherwood clause.

The Sherwood clause is my personal prize philosophy.

Sherwood is the putative place from from which the legendary Robin Hood operated. For that time period there were roughly the following "classes":

Serf, landowner, sovereigns and the like.

Now Robin Hood in Sherwood has robbed the rich to return it to the poor, but thereby he became a real outlaw, what I presently would like to avoid.

But I find the idea better, that those which can afford more pay more, so that those which are poor do not fall through the cracks.

This idea is a kind of mixed calculation to evaluate self-esteem.

There are 3 price ranges per hour: 50€ - 100€ - 150€

You decide yourself!

Every client must decide himself where he sees himself in this price structure in view of my ​remuneration.

You decide yourself what you pay the base of that what you yourself earn AND are worth to yourself.

And this should lie between 50€  and 150€ the hour.

Payment please within 7 days on receipt of my service.

Why this division?

Because there is division in our society and I wish that all people can afford my work.

Those which have more should also pay more in the regard of their esteem to themselves and towards me.

Eventually, people who earn a lot of money normally have no doubts to take their remuneration.

How to decide which price category you schould be in?

Everybody must decide this by itself, because herewith I have not lifted the voluntary decision. It is just a framework that I suggest as adequate on grounds of my competence for every member of our society.

Somebody who has a monthly net income of 10,000€, should not feed me with a minimum wage, on the basis of esteem to themself and towards me.

But are we not all the same before the law and do we not pay  all the same prices?

No, because a person from the upper class can afford, ​for example, a more expensive lawyer than a person who gets just one assigned counsel. And it is unnecessary to philosophise on the idea that an assigned counsel will deliver the same results, or is it?

Moreover, there are many areas which are subsidised by the state, but in view of financial relations the target groups are rather the middle and upper class. When have you las seen a poor man in the opera?

Are those which earn more not punished with it?

No, because otherwise they would also be "punisched" to earn more money, and I doubt that many people out of this realm feel this way... And do they feel they "punish" their fellow citizen by taking their "normal" remuneration?

And I surely don´t want to punish anyone who earns good money.

I just want to give anyone the oppertunity to reflect how they view themself compared to the environment, society and fellow citizen.

Doesn´t that mean you get less work from me if you pay 50€ compared to 150€ an hour?

​Now, will the cleaning lady who works in a respectable law firm perform worse work, only because it is compensated with a wage which often moves in the minimum wage level? ​

The other way round it is very unlikely that a person who has an hourly wage of 150€ will clean a toilet for the present minimum wage.

With my model this is different, because the person as a whole entity must be considered and this must also includes their financial relations and situations.

Nobody is preferred, but herewith it is provided that everybody can take up my work.

So everybody will always get an optimum achievement of me and should give me a remuneration which corresponds to this person in view of his financial possibilities.

Are these categories also to be seen furthermore on donation base?

Yes, you freely decide, how much you pay in your category and do this voluntarily, as a donation. Every person is thereby promoted in his own responsibility.

If somebody decides to dupe me, then he does this from free decision. If one has no choice, there is also no freedom.

And freedom is one of my most important principles.

Indeed, it should be also clear that I will not be the silly dummy that you can dupe constantly. Everybody must have the possibility for it - and will have to carry the consequences...

What consequences?

Well it is just very easy. If somebody behaves like an asshole, it will fall back sooner or later on him / her / them.

Presently in this world the rich and the powerful are always passed trough, but this doesnt mean that there are no other worlds and realities and will always stay the way it is currently.

How is it with the people who can afford no 50€ the hour?

I have never rejected anybody, who needed help (at least this I already have with Caine commonly). These person must only persuade me that they belong in this category.

EVERYBODY, who is at a loss, can contact me. There is always a way.

How is it with the people who would like to give more than 150€ the hour on grounds of the positive results?

Hehe, nothing is impossible, but one thinks only of the camel and the bottleneck...

​The more I have at disposal, the more good projects I can realise, because I constantly do research for a better health & environment.

There is also the possibility that such people make their gratitude available  in another form to their fellow citizens and enviroment.

Be creative to do good...

Thereby such people will generate remedial impulses who spread out like the rings in a pond - this is a worthwhile aim for everybody.

Is there something else to follow?

Yes, my work is intended to strengthen and to promote health and self-healing and not to treat diseases or to diagnose.

This is left only to medical practitioners and doctors and corresponds not to my philosophy.

The client pays basically my service (consultation, time, specialist knowledge), not a success, despite that I am always oriented in immediate changes.

That's why there are also no remedial promises.

My work is no substitute for possible required medical treatment. If one needs medical treatment, it is clever to take them up.

The contract about my service takes place orally, at the latest as the conversation begins.

Should an appointment not be perceived by the client, no fee is raised. Nevertheless, I would be grateful about a timely refusal.

If there are still questions which could not be answered here, get in touch with me please simply ask.

Changes reserve.

Everything clearly so far?


My Energy-Tools are dispatched as a rule only after precash. ​

Some are art articles which are made always individually as a commissioned work.

That's why the cancellation right here looks also different. "Don´t like it and sending it back" as on amazon can not apply in such a case.

Indeed, I want that every customer is contented with my work and art.

That's why it could make sense to contact me if something is not clear on your side, before ordering.

Shipping and handling will vary from item to item but is always be seen with the articles.

Data protection  privacy agreements:

The exact privacy agreements are individually retrievable on every side.

All data are treated confidentially and are not transmitted to thrird parties (except when it is about payment which will always occur though some thrid party channels).

I store no data about the process of a meeting, except, it concerns a sequential subject and lies in the interest or progress of the client. And in such a case these are only headwords. Nevertheless, this serves only for the more actual orientation of the success. With the storage I use a ​256bit-encoding technology.

The e-mail addresses are the contact place at which I come in touch with interested people. Everybody should freely decide what he / she wants or not.

I have no interest to earn money with marketing of e-mail addresses (which can be very lucrative).

The e-mail addresses for the newsletter are used only for the dispatch by these. No passing on to ​third partys.

The newsletter can be cancelled of course any time, then the e-mail address is extinguished from the distributor.

Cancellation instruction


To return an already eaten piece of cake is difficult. Just it is with a meeting which has already happened. If you are, nevertheless, dissatisfied with my achievement, I ask for short establishment of contact, so that we find a common solution.

Nevertheless, this should not tempt into the fact that my services are a "free ride". Seriousness is a foundation-stone for any success in life.

Don´t weaken yourself on grounds of my good nature by „just playing around“. There are absolutely better carmic investment possibilities for you.
That doesnt mean, that change of health couldn't be fun and playful...

Objects of art & Energy-Tools:

The client can revoke his order within 14 days without reason.

The client has to carriy any costs for article already gone in work and the same is valid for goods that were returned and which cannot be offered as good as new because it was already used.

You can find a blank to the cancellation here, even if this is not necessary and a cancellation can occur through mail or by phone.


The buyer bears the costs of the return.

I have trust in my articles, because of my over 20 year experience.

Should you not be contented, contact me. We find a solution.

The purchase amount can be settled with other performances by me or can be back transferred to your account.


24-month guarantee on my articles. This refers to defects which occured are in spite of proper use.

Follow the use instructions being enclosed to every object of art which exactly explain application and security tips.


Please be fair. -

Should there be some obscurities or difficulties or mistakes, contacts me please. I aim with my services and products always at a high-class standard and am always ready for a fair solution.

Should a payment not be possible in the called periods, please contact me to find other possible methods of payment.

Legal venue is exclusively Rendsburg, Germany.