​Environment protection & ​sustainability

​It is important to me to provide that we need remedial impulses not only for ourselves, but also for our environment. And thus I try, as well as I am able to do, to ​implement these things.

The electricity which I use to work, develop, to post and to construct – is 100% of ​renewable energy. No ​cheap purchased "eco" energy, but something that costs me more than the average bargain offer on  the energy market.

This is my investment in ideology, even if there is always a possibility to be duped when you want to have the best enviroment friendly energy. I believe in the ideas of lastingness and I am willing to make some sacrifices concerning this. ​And moe so for a valid ​and lasting picture of a healthy person.

My webspace is Co. ² neutrally hosted. My print orders are brought ​with reforestation in Co. ² balance. The sewage water which I produce, is provided with energetic remedial impulses to support a highest possible selfcleaning and transformation effect.

Is therefore everything clean what I do?

I fear not, because every person leaves a more or less big fingerprint in the environment. I am a ​part of our society which puts profit still ​before humanity and environment protection. And, unfortunately, we are not free yet from "slave work"...

But I have ​faith and hope and see that many people on this planet wake up and follow the idea of humanity and lastingness more and more.

In view of the mass this may appear as very little, but the mass has always done what its been told. The truly propelling strength are the minds of strong individuals who send remedial impulses and ​spend light.

​It still may be night, but the dusk breaks near, the horizon already gleams. Luckily - Nothing can detain this.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

Romans 13:12