What is Mindcontrol?

Mindcontrol refers to the Mind of the person, a part of the trinity:

Body, Mind & Spirit.

The Mind is according to Websters:

The element or the aggregation of elements in individuals, that feels, perceives, thinks, wants and concludes or judges rationally.

Mindcontrol, as it is applied from the outside to us, has the aim to control this area, without the individual knowing and still convinced, to be full in own control.

The technologies behind it are researched for centuries and are used in our society every single day very effective.

Mindcontrol is for me, however, also the paraphrase of a perception that I have a Mind and pay attention to what it does and balance it steadily with my ideas.

It is a sort of error correction in our own system which is steered or initiated from an area in the "Spirit".

Mindcontrol, as I define it, is a central component of my work, that can be a tool or approach, in order to fathom and change yourself.